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How business tourism could shape Honduras.

How business travel will shape Honduras for the better now that the president plans to invest $165 million into it.

Travel tips for Paris

Advice from 7 years of travelling to France on business

11 Travel Essentials

The essential travel items to make your trip stress free.

My Love letter to Uber and AirBNB

  It’s near impossible to write about AirBNB and Uber without getting a little gushy with grattitude. Single handedly these two world changing businesses, locked within their paralell evolution have reconstructed the business-travel world into […]

Business Travel and the Family

An area that is little talked about, but has an impact on all frequently business travellers, is the impact on family life. Sure it can look glamorous, your friends will say how lucky you are, […]

A business holiday

A business trip to Cape Town that felt like a holiday.