The best cure to a boring meeting. Pure blown terror.

When your meetings get boring. Terrify them with clowns and haunted houses.


America Haunts, Halloween’s leading industry organization, unleashes frightening information: The Five Scariest Houses in the Nation emerge from the darkness.

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Clowns, like this one lurking at the 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, are just part of what is scaring Halloween fansin 2017. The perfect solution to a boring business meeting in October could be scaring the bones out of someone. America Haunts, which has over 28 locations across America, has named the five scariest haunted houses and haunted attractions in 2017.

Making an impression is all about creating that relationship and that kinship and nothing brings people together than full blown, trouser dampening terror. What a marvelous way of making an impression with a potential client or partner than by taking them somewhere that will expose them to the most ghoulish and terrifying monstrosities that human imagination can conjure? As described below, these haunted houses are not just for silly romantics trying to show how brave they are.  

“The perfectly ghastly haunt is scary enough so people on romantic dates cling to each other, fun for families to enjoy traditional Halloween thrills and amped with special effects for the element of surprise,” said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith of America Haunts. “A scary haunt isn’t just technology or actors. It’s a concoction that owners of the scariest attractions understand: exposing even the bravest individuals to feel vulnerable; screaming in fear with every turn. It’s in our planning…to get in your head.”

The Top 5 Scariest Haunted Haunts, chosen by a panel of experts at American Haunts and praised by critics, are:


13th Gate, Baton Rouge

House of Torment, Austin

Bennett’s Curse, Baltimore

Headless Horsemen, Ulster, New York

Nightmare on 13th, Salt Lake City


Fears and phobias influence haunts to satisfy even the bravest souls. 13th Gate has a 3D room where clowns chase visitors, plus an escape room where guests must gather clues to break free. Headless Horsemen is an extravaganza of fall tradition with hayrides that intertwine with haunted houses, each year more increasingly detailed. Bennett’s Curse focuses on interactive experiences to put you closer to your Halloween nightmare. House of Torment has three new themes: The Deranged, The Frenzy Dark Carnival and the Possessed. Nightmare on 13th, has fear from every angle including in the sewers beneath guests’ feet.

“Do people like the tradition of Halloween scares? Yes, because they are in safe and spectacular environments,” Arnett-Bequeaith said. “Haunt experts tap into human psychology to send exciting chills down your spine. That’s why guests are lured back, teenagers enjoy a coming of age, grandparents bring their grandchildren. Haunts are still cool to grab a friend and let excitement begin.”



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