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Bleisure: The Art of a Modern Business Traveller

Why we should all embrace a bit of bleisure on our business trips.

Sometimes a word catches you by surprise, because it fundamentally embodies what you are trying to express. For me, this was ‘bleisure’- business pleasure.

I came across this word in an article by the Economist. I have always been turned off by buzzwords and jargon, but this word, which I will use sparingly, does neatly sum up what The Lost Executive is all about. It seems that the younger the business traveller, the more likely they are to explore opportunities to enjoy their trips, by extending their stay. After all, if you’re already in the city or country, why not take the opportunity to see a little bit more, so long as you work does not bear the cost.

With the modern tools we have at our disposal, it can be easy to find a last-minute deal that can transform your trip, as countless websites can search for hotel rooms at the best prices. Perhaps spending an extra 10 minutes finding a hotel could make a difference to your entire business trip. Who wouldn’t want to relax in a rooftop pool in Madrid after a long meeting, in 45-degree heat?

The Lost Executive with a view
Dear Hotel Madrid – Perhaps the best pool view in Madrid

At the TLE, we have years of experience travelling the world. We’ve spent countless nights in hotels that lack a basic sense of what a room should be, with showers that require bachelor degrees to operate them and strange door cards that stop working when they are near a mobile phone (a serious design flaw in today’s world). But, what if a Secret Escapes offer coincided with a meeting in Madrid, or Kayak found you a 5-star hotel, heavily discounted. Would this make your trip that much more enjoyable and as such, would you be willing to travel more for your company?

This mentality should also be applied to flights. Economy tickets are great, especially if you are looking to save money or only need short-haul flights, BUT, economy tickets are terrible if you’re 6ft plus (182cm) or on long-haul flights. I had the ‘pleasure’ of being in Economy Plus on a return flight from Johannesburg. The seat was cramped, the food tray could not lay flat across my legs and my fellow passenger occupied at least 25% of my seat. I was unable to sleep on the overnight flight and as a result, missed a day of work to recover.

I believe that what each business traveller wants is relaxed, stress-free travel, with some time to relax at the end. Business travel is often glamorised, when in reality, it is filled with early starts, lonely dinners and time-wasting at expensive coffee shops. At the TLE, we are dedicating ourselves to exploring, sharing and revealing how to enjoy every facet of business travel, from which places to see, through to where to stay. As a company, you could be offering a seriously perk to all of your employees, especially those that value experiences alongside monetary rewards. Travelling the world for business, while enjoying it. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


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