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Day 1 of My 9-Week Transformation

One of the Lost Executives has decided to lose his business travel weight and fit in his suit again. Follow Jerome Smith's 9-week transformation here.

It hit me like a brick thrown out of a window, the full force knocking me down. Devastated, I think of plausible reasons for this injustice. How have I developed a visible midriff bump in my nice tailored suit? Buying a new suit is out of the question. This leaves me one possible inevitable solution…exercise.

Since the occasional weekly jog failed to keep at bay all those calories from airports and business lunches, I would have to resort to something more extreme, something intense, something developed to make you sweat away those years of business travel.  As it happens a tweet popped up on my timeline from Men’s Health, a new program they have recently launched called Primal 9. This is a 9-week training system created by Men’s Health and Ross Edgley. Having looked into a few other options, what stood out for me was the minimal equipment needed; only requiring a phone (for the App), a pair of dumbbells, a weight plate and a bench. All this is pretty much available in all hotel gyms. You pay your £47.99 and start. Ok, this may seem a lot, but it’s the equivalent of a single PT session or a months gym membership. Plus as it’s on my phone, I can take the program anywhere.

Initially, you start with a Fitness Test, one they charmingly named ‘The Centurion’. As if the words fitness test was not intimidating enough. Basically, you do 25 repetitions of 4 exercises without a break. You then rest and repeat. The aim is to do a total of 1,000 repetitions. I write this before I’ve started… can I start crying?

Well, I survived. Done my 1,000 reps, look worst for wear, but I can only get better. I shall share with you, my 9-week progress with weekly updates, how it fits in with real life and how I manage to combine it with my near weekly hotel stays. If that is too long for your curiosity, then I will be sharing daily updates via Twitter.

Stay tuned!


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