All about the view

It’s all in the view.  Give me the most luxurious hotel room, a victorian era bathtub and twenty four hour room service and if I open the window and see a disappointing view I might as well be sleeping in a basement. I’m a man in search of a beautiful view.

Novotel. London, Canary Wharf

2017-06-04 00.35.16

Accessible for any residents in the hotel the ceiling to floor mirrors of the bar area provide a 360 degree view of London.

Penthouse On The Burg. Cape Town. Green Point Market.

2017-05-13 13.22.46

On AirBNB this is advertised as an artist’s loft penthouse. It’s a three storey, penthouse pad worthy of a film. The top floor has an open air cinema with hammocks and an unbelievable view of the Mother City.

Mannabay Cape Town.

The back balcony view of MannaBay has a spectacular view of the mountains and you get your own driver here too! The view from the front balcony is simply the best way to see Cape Town.

Norwich at dusk

2017-05-27 21.06.14

Norwich is a city in Norfolk, United Kingdom and was, at one time, close to being the capital city of the United Kingdom. That was, of course, before the city partook in witch trials and public burnings. Now, it’s known for Coleman’s Mustard and having more chapels and churches than anywhere else in Britain.


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